About the Controversy Surrounding the Universal Prepaid Credit Cards

Along with the other forms of debit cards, the popularity of the prepaid credit cards has risen over time. But there are some controversies surrounding these cards.For newbies who may be unfamiliar with prepaid cards, they are the kind of debit cards that are associated to a savings account. This means, you must have a bank account in order to enjoy the use of these cards.Looking into some of the controversies, there are concerns coming from some quarters who are worried that illegal entities Read more [...]

Debit Cards – How They Differ From Credit Cards

The plastic cards in your wallet all look very similar. It is important to know exactly how the different types of cards work, along with their advantages and disadvantages.Also known as bank cards, debit cards are also 'plastic'. They are the same size as many of the other cards in your wallet or purse and provide a way to spend money without the need to carry cash. Similar to writing a cheque, though, the funds are withdrawn instantly from either your savings or checking account. There are Read more [...]

Legally and Ethically Erase 50-60% of Your Credit Card Bill!

What would it feel like to have all your debt legally wiped out? There are some interesting tactics as well as consumer protection laws which have allowed countless Americans to eliminate past due balances. Wouldn't you like to stop getting letters from your creditor?Fact: Did you realize it would take about 20 years to completely pay off $10,000 of debt on your card? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Sadly, many Americans in this situation will end up filing for bankruptcy Read more [...]

Silver Credit Cards

The lowest in the hierarchy of precious metal named credit cards, silver credit cards have been around since the conception of credit cards in the mid-1950s. Today silver cards have been surpassed in prestige by gold credit cards and platinum credit cards and so have more commonly come to be known as 'standard' or 'basic' credit cards.Advantages of silver credit cardsThe advantages that silver credit cards have over other types of cards include: (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Read more [...]